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What We Do

Depending on people’s circumstances – whether someone contacts us because they are worried about their own situation, that of a friend or family member, or are caring for a loved one and need guidance and advice – we offer a range of ways that we might respond to people:

This may involve:

  • Putting people in touch with other organisations or services that can help
  • Inviting people to a drop in Community Advice and Information event in their local area (Let’s Talk Local)
  • Inviting people to an appointment in their local area where they can talk to someone in more detail about their situation and develop a plan of what needs to happen to address any concerns (Let’s Talk Local)
  • Inviting family carers to a drop in session where they can work through their own needs, what support they could benefit from and talk to other family carer volunteers who can offer advice and information (Let’s Talk Local)
  • Arranging a visit from a professional social worker or Occupational Therapist to carry out an assessment of what is needed to maintain independence, safety and quality of life.
  • For people who already receive paid support we will review and reassess their needs and the extent to which they have achieved outcomes and work with them to develop a new plan based on this.
  • A not-for-profit social enterprise.....

    A not-for-profit social enterprise…

 Support for people who care for someone else

A carer is someone who gives care and support to another person who couldn’t manage without their help. Being a carer might involve caring for a relative, partner or friend and not being paid for doing so.

Reasons for caring vary as widely as carers themselves but they may be giving support to:

  • a person with a disability or learning difficulty.carer
  • someone who has mental health illness
  • someone recovering from a recent illness or injury.
  • someone with a long-term illness.
  • a person with age-related difficulties

A carer might support someone in one area of their life only such as helping out with their finances, or in a number of different ways including:

  • Emotional support like listening and talking.
  • Household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing or shopping.
  • Medication support such as picking up medication, reminding about medication, or physically helping someone with tablets or creams.
  • Personal care like help with eating, getting to the toilet, washing and dressing.
  • Physical care ensuring the person can move around their home.

As described previously, we can offer information, advice and guidance to carers in a number of ways which may include having a conversation or carers assessment with one of our advisors.

Carers Assessment

A carers’ assessment is a way of identifying a person’s needs as a carer and what support they may be eligible for.

A carers assessment considers the impact that providing the care and support has on the carers own wellbeing and other important aspects of the carers life including:

  • whether a carer is able and willing to carry on caring
  • if a carer works or wants to work in future
  • whether a carer wants to study or socialise more

There is a range of support available locally to support carers to look after their own health and well and depending on their eligibility, a carer may also be entitled to other services such as a personal budget.

Find out more about support for carers and about having an assessment in Shropshire

lotusLocal Support Swap


Local Support Swap is a new project that aims to identify flexible ways of supporting carers in the community.

This may include building on something that already exists or creating something new with the help of communities and carers in Shropshire.

As a carer, what support do you find most useful?

It may be practical assistance, the opportunity to meet new people, time to relax with old friends, time to focus on yourself or meeting other carers.waiting-to-hear
Please contact us for more information and to share your ideas.

Call Margarete Davies on 01743 255776  Margarete.Davies@shropshire.gov.uk  

Local Support Swop: Supporting carer friendly initiatives. Pictured: Launch of Connect for Life Oswestry September 2016

Local Support Swop: Supporting carer friendly initiatives. Pictured: Launch of Connect for Life Oswestry September 2016